Summer is here so you’d better be ready to suit up and get wet at the Sands Pool Parties! 

Oh, what’s that you say? You don’t know if you’re ready to be in downtown Reno, basking in the sun and lounging by the pool with a couple of cocktails?

You must have something against fun. Or body paint. And we refuse to believe that’s the case. 

We’re here to help with a few tips on how to survive the Sands Pool. Leaving your house has never been a better decision. Plus, it’s free to get in!

  1. Come thirsty: An ice-cold beer always takes the edge off! We’ve got a huge selection for under $4. Don’t forget about our frozen cocktail specials and signature drinks, including the wildly popular Sand Storm. You won’t go without a beverage, and once you’ve loosened up with a few, we’ll bet you’re going to make a few new friends.
  2. Know you’re going to boogie down: Anyone can sit by a pool, but to make it a true pool party, you’ve got to have some sweet summer tunes. We’ve gone a step further and booked the best live bands that play all your summertime favorites. They even take requests. Come down and do a little water dancing (no, not ballet) and soak up the sun and the music! 
  3. You might trade your suit for paint: It’s the truth - people everywhere just want to be free. At the Sands, you can leave your reservations and office attire behind because we house a full body painting station. Bare it all, then cover it up with an array of colors and designs. We encourage creativity and maybe even a little scandal. Don’t worry. It washes off. Just keep to the side of the pool.   
  4. If you come, you can win: If its contests you’re looking for, we’ve got those too. Connie from Alice 96.5 hosts the Co-Ed Best Ink Contest for cash prizes. Show off your arm, leg, or even belly art and score some cold hard cash! Or, if you’ve got a taste for the wild, we will have our popular ladies swimsuit contest featuring a grand prize of $500! Now that’ll get you a lot of Sand Storms. 

So there you have it. Just a few reasons to get in your ‘kini and get down to the Sands Pool Parties, every Friday from 5 p.m. onward. Did we mention it was free of charge?



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