The Reno Santa Pub Crawl is the holiday event of the season, featuring over 13,000 revelers dressed in Santa suits, snowflakes, bar hopping and activities like the Great Santa Dash.  That’s a lot to take in, even for an experienced crawler! Here are a few tips and tricks from the Sands Santa experts to help you celebrate the Santa Crawl like a local.
Book a Room
Crawl your way into a cozy room at the Sands after the nights’ festivities. Catching a cab after the crawl is next to impossible, and no one wants to be left waiting in the cold. The Sands offers $45 room rates for crawlers who book with the Santa Crawl special code: Santacrawl14.
Drink and Be Merry
Toast to this year’s Santa Crawl with the Sands Regency December drink special, $3 16oz. Strongbow Cider Cans! 
The Great Santa Dash 5K Run/Walk
Run before you crawl at the Great Santa Dash 5K Run/Walk starting at Wingfield Park on December 14th at 10 a.m. All runners will receive a free Santa Crawl cup. Additional kudos will be given to the best Christmas costumes – Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, or Santa’s helper. Be sure to register for the Great Santa Dash soon.
Ski with Santa
The day of the Santa Crawl head to Mt. Rose and ski with Santa during the Santa Crawl all-day Skiing Extravaganza. Hit the slopes in your Santa suit and receive a discounted full-day ticket.
Get creative with your costume
In the midst of thousands of people, creative costumes are appreciated. From an Abominable Snowman to Jack Frost, your clothing choices will be admired!
Spread the holiday cheer
All of the proceeds from the Santa Crawl cups support Washoe County Schools! Head to your favorite participating bar with your official Santa Crawl cup and get great drink discounts.
Celebrate with Elves
Santa’s don’t let Santa’s crawl alone. The trick is to not get separated! Agree on a meeting spot and time to meet up with your fellow crawlers.


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