If you like winning big bucks then our $20,000 Campaign for Cash is for you!  During the month of October, My Party Players’ Club guests can receive one virtual drawing ticket for every 100 points they earn during the time of the promotion. In addition, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday guests will earn double drawing tickets.  The Campaign for Cash drawings will be at 7 pm on every Friday during the month.  For the first 3 drawings there will be a total of 800 envelopes in the prize barrel, 799 will have guaranteed prizes between $100 and $1,000 in Cash or FreePlay and one envelope containing the progressive prize, which starts at $5,000. If the progressive prize is not picked during the drawing, $2,500 will be added the following week. If the progressive prize is won, it will start again at $5,000 the following week. After each drawing every single envelope will be put back into the prize barrel for another chance to win. The final drawing for the Campaign for Cash will take place on Friday, October 25 where 15 winners will be drawn again but there will be 15 envelopes in the prize barrel and one of them will contain the progressive prize, so it is guaranteed that the progressive prize (up to $12,500) will be won on that day.

Joining the drawing is simple; guests must activate their virtual drawing tickets between 2 pm and 7 pm on the drawing day by swiping their My Party Players’ Club cards at any promotional kiosk located by the Player’s Club, Main Cashier Cage, Bingo Parlor, and Dynasty Tower elevators. One swipe at the kiosk will be good for the rest of the day and will count every drawing ticket earned by 7 pm. Keep in mind that it is the contestant’s responsibility to deposit virtual drawing entries in the drawing drum for each of the drawings.  During each drawing 15 winners will be drawn using MGT virtual drawing software and drawn guests will have two minutes to come to the Player’s Club and pick an envelope from the barrel.

So what are you waiting for?  Come on down and join the “REAL Green Party” for your chance to Cash-in and Go Green!

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