Crash the Party!

If you’re looking for a great Player’s Club to join, look no further! At the Sands, our My Party Player’s Club truly rewards you for all your hard work when it comes to gambling.  As a member you can receive exclusive rewards, outstanding offers, fantastic comps and a plethora of freebies.  Whether you’re a Party Crasher, Life of the Party, a Party Animal or a Top Dog we’re able to keep track of all your gaming to ensure you receive all the benefits the Player’s Club has to offer.


Some benefits include:

  • Food Comps
  • Hotel Comps
  • Cash back for slots and table play
  • Discounts at our Gift Shop

Now for the My Party Player’s Club levels, you can hold the Party Crasher, Life of the Party, Party Animal, or Top Dog status based on your play.  It’s pretty simple, the more you play the higher club level you are which also means more rewards and FREE stuff!

Party Crasher:  Here at the Sands, we want you to “Crash Our Party”.  This is our entry level card for those who are just getting the party started.  As a Party Crasher you can earn points, comps, free slot play and restaurants discounts.

Life of the Party:  Now that you have the “Party Crasher” status mastered, it’s time to become the Life of the Party.  Once you’ve earned 1,000 base points on your Player’s Card, you’ve earned the title “Life of the Party” and the club card to prove it.  In addition to all the benefits of the Party Crasher, you’ll receive more discounts, event invitations, and other fun activities we have to offer.

Party Animal:  If you want to be more than just the “Life of the Party” then it’s time to party your way up to “Party Animal” status, which is where the fun really starts!  If you’re a Party Animal, you’ll receive VIP line access, invitations to special events, preferred parking, a qualifying party and MUCH more.  Earn 50,000 base points in the 6 month qualifying period on your Player’s Club card and this status is yours.  The only thing being a Party Animal will leaving you questioning is, “Do I have what it takes to be the ultimate partier”?  The answer to that is YES!

Top Dog: This is some serious Rock Star status!  As a Top Dog, you get ALL the awesomeness the Sands has to offer.  The perks, the status, even invites to special and exclusive parties in honor of YOU are all yours when you become a Top Dog.  All you have to do to be on top is earn 100,000 base points on your Player’s Club card in the 6 month qualifying period and the title of Top Dog goes to you! 

Signing up for our My Party Player’s Club is fun, easy and FREE, and when you do, new “My Party” members receive up to $100 in FREE slot play!  So what are you waiting for? Get down to our Player’s Club for all the rules and details and sign up today!

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