Steel Breeze brings their fun 80's style to the  Free Friday Night Pool Parties.

This year they help us kick off the local Superhero  Crawl a night early, so there's bound to be some Superhero themed bikini clad ladies for our $500 Women's bikini Contest! We heard Bobby will be bringing the paints back out tonight Batman style maybe? Brewers Cabinet will be in serving up samples for you. We've also got some great drink and food specials and a lot of other fun things planned. Book a weekend with us so you can enjoy The Superhero Crawl on Saturday as well!

The Lovely Ladies of Chocolate Walrus will be joining us for a very Special Superhero Themed fashion show to give you some great ideas for The Superhero Crawl tomorrow night! We will also be raffling a gift certificate to the Chocolate Walrus with the Proceeds Benefiting The Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Community Foundation

For more information on Steel Breeze visit their webpage at

Steel Breeze plays #1 hit songs from the 80's, 90's, and into the 21st Century. With world class musicianship, infused with comedy and zany choreography, Steel Breeze packs dance floors with smiling participants.



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